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MP3: You Are The Way

A listening MP3 from I Surrender.

Song History:

April 23, 1998

Isaiah 30:21; John 14:6

This song came to me when a friend of mine, Paul Brothers, who works with me in this ministry, had the opportunity to travel to Nashville and attend the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards ceremony. I have never been a real part of the contemporary Christian music scene...not that there's anything wrong with that––it's just that I have never felt a need to be more involved, and because HI Ave always had other people represent me in the industry. My friend, Paul, in his desire to learn more about the business side of the music scene, had a great time while attending all the festivities (and playing golf with a buddy). In his excitement, he called me after the show and told me of meeting several well-known artists, as well as being an arm's length from Whitney Houston and other such people. As he shared, I was genuinely excited for him...but I also began feeling sorry for myself. Why was I not the one out there enjoying the G.M.A. Dove Awards and meeting all these people? As I allowed these feelings to come into my heart, God began to remind me of who I am, of who I cam called to be, and of what He has called me to do...and that all those things I desired were not necessarily what was best for me. This song came as I simply proclaimed the truth. There is only One whom I gain acceptance and approval from. Awards and ceremonies and meeting others in the music world are all good things...and I will have other opportunities for such...but my sight needs to be set upon Jesus only. When I seek Him and His way first, all these things will be added unto me!

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (April 23, 1998)
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