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MP3: Like Falling Rain

A listening MP3 from I Surrender.

Song History:

December 28, 1998

Psalm 42; John 4:10-14

This song was inspired by the words of my pastor as he reminded us to not be lulled to sleep by familiarity with the world. He also reminded us to not grow insensitive to one another because of familiarity...and to not grow insensitive to the Lord because of familiarity. In other words, don't get so used to the status quo that we cease to expressively walk in relationship with the Lord or with one another. I had been going through a very dry time personally, so the words Chuck spoke were like water to my soul. As I meditated upon his teaching, I began to realize that God was calling me back to my first love––with Him. His desire was to refresh me and revitalize my soul. The words poured out on my heart like rain, as a reminder of where life comes from and that we need to respond to life with passion––with thirst––for God.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (December 28, 1998)
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