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MP3: Beyond Compare

A listening MP3 from I Surrender.

Song History:

September 17, 1986

Joel 2:18-27; Ephesians 1:3-23

This song is for my friends, Paul and Debby Baskin. God brought them into my life after much persistence on Paul's part! They endeared themselves to Melinda and me very quickly and we became fast friends. Paul and Debby had both been married before they met each other. Through a series of events, their marriages ended and they met. Believing they were following God's will, they married. Subsequently, they encountered the wrath of many in the Body of Christ who condemned them for not seeking reconciliation in their previous relationships. Much damage was done and they were emotionally ravaged by the 'love' the church 'blessed' them with. What most people failed to do was to dig deeper into the truth of what both had experienced. Both desired their previous marriages to work, yet both experienced abusive behavior from their spouses. In leaving those relationships, they found renewed hope and life...and found each other in the process. I believe marriage is sacred and that reconciliation should always be pursued...and so do the Baskins. God hates divorce and so do I. Yet divorce happens...and the church must deal with it redemptively. After Paul and Debby were married, they were confronted with the truth in a harsh way, yet they both allowed the Holy Spirit to cleanse them of sin on their parts, and both received God's forgiveness. They could not take back what they thought––in their honest sincerity before the Lord––was the right thing to do in marrying. God is Redeemer, though, and has chosen to bless this union in many ways. Yet the Body of Christ could not seem to meet them in the reality of their situation. This song came as an affirmation of their value to God, and that He could restore even the biggest messes we get ourselves into, and bring about an even greater dependence upon Him than before––and a greater testimony than we ever thought possible. Our Father is the God of Redemption. Shouldn't His children act like their Father?

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (September 17, 1986)
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