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MP3: I Will Trust You

A listening MP3 from I Will Trust You.

I Will Trust You – Isaiah 30:15;  February 24, 1993

Song History
Just two weeks prior to the time I would be stepping down as worship leader from the body I had been a part of for almost eight years, many thoughts of insecurity flooded my mind an affected every aspect of my life.  I knew I had ‘heard’ God, but I was constantly bombarded with doubts, fears, and lies.  “What will people think?  Will I be able to provide for my family?  Will the people I respect understand and accept my decision?  Will my ministry to the body die?”  Etc., etc., etc.!  This song became my deepest heart-cry for the next few months.  And little did I know how much deeper a truth I would learn – through this song and through the circumstances of nearly losing my wife, and the premature birth of our twin sons!  I found out not only hat I could trust God with my heart of hearts – but also that I do trust Him,  Bless You, Father……I love You more than mere words can say….but I certainly like trying to express my heart to You….and I do trust You…..

Dennis Jernigan

Verse 1
Lord, when I’m weak
You are strong
Always there to catch me when I fall.
Sometimes I cannot speak
But you become my Song!
Always there to answer  when I call!
I will trust You in the darkness!
I will trust You in life’s harshness!
I will trust You, Lord,
to guard over my heart!
I will trust You and keep singing!
I will trust You dearly clinging!
I will trust You and keep bringing You my heart!
In quietness and trust,
You will be my strength!
Father, I trust You with my heart!
Verse 2
Lord, when I can’t see
 You are light!
Piercing through confusion to my heart!
One day I’ll be free and faith will become sight!
Oh, give me grace until I’m where You are


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