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MP3: Bring Me Clean

A listening MP3 from Let It Rain.

Song History

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan
January 9, 1982

I John 1:9

I have a tendency to be hard on myself at times, trying to be my own judge, This song came in "the early days" of my walk with the Holy Spirit It is interesting to look back and see how far He has brought me and to see how much of what I received musically and lyrically from the Lord I didn't even understand, Only the Lord can judge my heart, Only the blood of Jesus makes me worthy to enter Hie presence. Only faith in Him allows me to approach Him boldly and trust Him to do the cleansing-to bring me clean. If one of my children fell and hurt themselves and got up dirty and crying then came to me for help, I would not sent them away to clean themselves up, to the contrary, I would pick them up, clean them up, and embrace them and tend to their wounds.  Isn't this the way we should approach our Heavenly Father? If I waited until I was "clean" or "confessed up" to enter His presence, I'd never get there. We need to let Him do the cleansing. We simply need to approach Him boldly! This is a special song my wife, Melinda Jernigan, and I enjoy singing together.


Search the deepest part within my being

Wipe away the dust that blinds my seeing You, Lord


Take the childish part within my soul, Lord

Cast away the fear and let me know, Lord

Let me know!



Bring me clean into Your presence

Bring me, Lord, into Your grace

Bring me clean into Your presence’

Let me see Your face


Give me truth to cast away the lies

Give me peace to know I’m lovely in Your eyes

Oh, give me hope that only You can give

Give me life that I might live



Like cleansing rain, Your love comes falling

Desert streams flow when I hear You calling my name


Take the hardened desert of my heart, Lord

Take my life and saturate each part, Lord

Send Your rain!

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