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MP3: I Belong To Jesus

A listening MP3 from the original live recording, I Belong To Jesus Vol 1. This is repackaged as a set in The Worshipper's Collection Vol 1.

Song History:

April 14, 1992
1 Corinthians 6:20 and 7:23

This song came during a time of spiritual warfare in my own life.  My Friend, the Holy Spirit, prompted me one day to remind myself of who I belong to, and to actively take back the ground the enemy had stolen in my life.  This song came forth as both a prayer to the Father and a declaration to anyone or thing that might care to listen (or not!) - like my soul, the world, or the enemy! Lift him up in your minds and in your flesh and in your spirit and with your emotions. All that we are now belongs to Jesus, whether we encounter good times or bad; Whether we walk in darkness or light; whether we live or whether we die…we belong to the Lord because He has paid the price and covered the debt of our sin…with, by, and through the blood of Jesus.

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