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MP3: Stand Up For Jesus

A listening MP3 from This Is My Destiny.

Song History:

Novermber 6, 1997

Romans 14:7-8

After a very hard month in which came many attacks from the enemy–leaving me feeling like I wanted to physically die, I began to take the attacks to Father and sing to Him. When I get squeezed, who I really am comes out...along with the junk of the old me that still lies undetected and needs to come out! This song was a cleansing agent to my soul. As I declared who I am and whose I am, the old response began to flow out and be replaced by the true responses of my born again nature. Jesus stood up for me. I am a joint heir with Christ, inheriting the very strength to stand that helped Him stand and accept the cross for me. I can stand because He stood. I will stand up for Jesus.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (November 6, 1997)
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