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MP3: Somebody Big

A listening MP3 from This Is My Destiny.

Song History:

June 25, 1997

2 Chronicles 20:6; Matthew 19:26

I was unable to be at the particular service in which Chuck (my pastor at the time) shared a teaching on the bigness of God...but I had already been meditating on the subject! as I flew to California for a ministry opportunity, I asked the Lord if He had anything for me. I got out my manuscript book and silently gazed out the window and let my heart go. At 40,000 feet it was not difficult to begin thinking about the magnitude of God's nature. What is difficult to comprehend is that His bigness dwells in my smallness! From Chuck's own life I have seen the bigness of God demonstrated as Chuck and Jill continually receive God's grace and wait on Him in relation to their daughter Celeste and her need for God's healing touch. Is anything too big for God to overcome? is any obstacle really an obstacle to God? Do we limit Him because we choose to see from our own perspective rather than His? I know I do.

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (June 25, 1997)
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