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MP3: You Will Be My Rock

A listening MP3 from This Is My Destiny.

Song History:

July 3, 1997

II Samuel 22:2-3; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

This song came in several stages, first inspired by a sermon entitled "The Rock." As I meditated on what God was placing on Chuck's heart for our body a couple of things occurred which gave me direction for the song. I initially began receiving it as a personal word from the Lord as I heard Him singing the words from His point of view in my life: "I will be your shelter...a Place where you can run...a Rock, A Sure Foundation that cannot be overcome..." But as is usually the case, the Lord allows me to see that the adversities of my own life are actually meant as tools for pouring out His life through me to others. On one occasion my son Judah came into our bedroom late in the night. A thunderstorm had rolled through and he had become afraid. As I assured Judah of God's presence and protection, another portion of the song was born for him. Later on in the month, I had the opportunity and blessing of meeting one of my favorite singers–Mr. Morris Chapman. I was so excited to meet him...and humbled to hear him say he and his wife had been greatly ministered to by my music...and the rest of the song was born. I would encourage you to sing this over others from God's point of view as you teach the song...because it really is the truth!

You Will Be My Rock
Verse One
When stormy weather comes against me, ravaging my heart…
Some storms seem so long they never cease
When stormy weather comes against me, take me where You are
In Your arms a constant state of peace

You will be my Shelter! A place where I can run!
A Rock! A Sure Foundation that cannot be overcome!
You will be my Refuge! A place where I can go!
A Rock that will surround me when the winds begin to blow!

When the winds blow and the waves crash all around me,
You are like an island in the middle of the sea!
When the winds blow, stormy waves about to drown me!
You will come surrounding with a Refuge of Peace!

You will be my Fortress! A place where I can hide!
A strong and mighty Warrior who will never leave my side!
You will be my Father! Your heart will be my home!
A Rock that can’t be shaken when the winds begin to blow, Lord!

You will be my Rock! You will be my Shelter!
You will be my Rock! You will be the Shelter for my soul!

Verse Two
When everything around me seems to fall into the sea
Crushed by waves that beat incessantly
When everything I’ve trusted in just falls away from me
In Your arms I find security!

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (July 3, 1997)
(©1997) Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc.
• 7804 W. Fern Mountain Rd. Muskogee, OK 74401
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