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eSong Book: Daddy's Song

This is the digital pdf collection of sheet music from the out-of-print Dennis Jernigan songbook, Daddy's Song. Includes piano accompaniment, guitar chords,  and lyrics. You can download the entire collection or individual songs.

Sheet Music Product List

  1.  Daddy's Song DS
  2.  I Dont Want To Move
  3.  Sheep Song DS
  4.  Daddy's Song DS
  5.  Mercy Me DS
  6.  Like A River DS
  7.  Like A Child DS
  8.  If I Could Just Sit DS
  9.  I Give It All DS
  10.  I Don't Want To Move DS
  11.  I Cry Holy DS
  12.  Devestated By Your Love DS
  13.  Daddy's Song Narrative DS
  14.  I Am A Sheep DS

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