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Lead Sheet: My Redeemer

This song came 'out of the blue' to me on March 16, 2009! I love Resurrection Day and think about it for weeks in advance. My prayer is that this song will help you usher in the great celebration of the redeemed and to exalt Christ Jesus, our Redeemer!
Dennis Jernigan

My Redeemer

Verse One
You are God and You are King
And You are Lord of All!
Lion and sacrificial Lamb
You died for one and all!
I was blind, You helped me see!
I was lost, You found!
Bound by sin's own prison walls,
You came and knocked them down!

My Redeemer! My Redeemer!
By Your blood washed me clean!
My Redeemer! My Redeemer!
Rose again and set me free!

Verse Two
I was dying, You came loving,
Paying my sin's cost!
You laid down Your life for me
By bearing my sin's cross!
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse Three
Sin had left me filthy, dirty.
You bathed me in love!
Wanting me, Your very own,
Bought by Your precious blood!
(Repeat Chorus)

What a Savior is my Redeemer!
Setting hopeless captives free!
What a Savior is my Redeemer!
Jesus Christ the Risen King!
The Risen King!
(Repeat Chorus)

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan – March 16, 2009
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