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Lead Sheet: Just Hold Me

Key C

Lead Sheet with Melody and piano/guitar chords.

Verse One
Can You quiet all the voices that are crowding my mind?
Can You find me in my confusion if I'm afraid of what You'll find?
Can You be there in the darkness when the lonely cuts so deep
That I'd rather be found naked on a crowded city street
Than face the silence my soul screams?

Hold me! Just hold me...
Hold me! Just hold me...
Just hold me...
Just hold me...
Just hold me

Verse Two
Can You break through my delusions of what love seems to be?
Can You help me find forgiveness for those who abandoned me?
Can You fix me where I'm broken, broken beyond remedy?
Can You get to where I am and carry me to where You are
And never once let go of me?

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan…July 5, 2009
©2009 Shepherd's Heart Music, Inc./Dennis Jernigan
7804 Fern Mountain Rd•Muskogee, OK•74401•

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