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Lead Sheet: Take Me Home

Key F Lead sheet with guitar chords and lyrics

Take Me Home

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan

November 24, 2010



I have stood through the battle;

Taken back stolen ground;

Found a Love so deep, 

Love I deem worth dying for;

But I have to be honest,

My heart has grown tired,

And the truth is I just want to go home.


I guess I'm tired of drought and lack of rain!

Tired of all the sorrow! Tired of pain!

Tired of losing all I seem to gain

With nothing left to show for!

I'm getting tired of darkness all around;

Of standing all alone on the battleground!

Though none can take the joy that I have found,

I just want to go home!



Take me home where the pastures are green!

Take me home where the waters run deep!

Take me home and let me dine at the feast

Prepared for me in the midst of my enemies!

Pour Your very life in me!

Take me home and give me strength for this race!

Take  me home! I'll keep my eyes on Your face!

Take me home! Restore my soul by Your grace!

I won't stop running this race!

I just want to go home!

I just want to go home!

I just want to go home!



I know home is where the heart is

And my heart is with You!

Whether lack of rain or depth of pain

You're with me!

I could never imagine my life without You!

You are Home and everything that I need!


It'll take more than a drought or lack of rain!

More than any sorrow! Any pain!

More than losing all that I might gain

To keep my heart from home!

More than even darkness all around!

More than being alone on the battleground!

Worth the loss of all that I have found!

Lord, my heart is Your home!


Repeat Chorus


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