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Lead Sheet: Speechless

Speechless - Song History
Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan
Received on August 8, 2013

This song came one day as I sat before the Lord
contemplating my options. Having gone through
a very rough period of financial loss and other
calamities (like my wife breaking her leg and
being incapacitated since June!) I came to the
place where I had two choices. I could either focus
on the losses and the enemy’s perspective or
I could focus on the Lord and HIS perspective.
I chose the latter and began to simply thank Him
and praise Him. This song came and joy flooded
my soul. It did not change my circumstances...but it
did give me the proper perspective. God is in
control no matter what and He uses everything
I go through for my good and His glory. And that
simply leaves me speechless. 

Dennis Jernigan

PS: I find it humorous that I used so many
words in a song about being left speechless.
Years ago one of the geniuses in Nashville
told me I would one day run out of things
to write about. I laughed then and I laugh
now. Why? My God is immense and fathomless
beyond comprehension. THat means His
creativity is endless. It means I will NEVER run
out of things to say to HIm or to say about Him!

And we know that God causes all things to work
together for good to those who love God, to
those who are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28 NASB


I see Your power in the mighty ocean! 

I see Your beauty in the deep blue sea! 

I feel the rhythm of a heart in motion!

I feel Your love a-comin' over me and Your love, 

Your love leaves me speechless! 

I see Your handiwork in every smile! 

Your love is written there for all to see! 

I even see You in the fiery trials! 

Even in my pain You want the best for me and Your love,

Your love leaves me speechless! 


I want to tell You that I love You and I love Your ways! 

I want to give You all the glory! 

Want to give You praise! 

I want to tell You that I love You and that I'm amazed! 

I want to give You all the glory that is due Your name but Your love, 

Your love leaves me speech-less! 


I see You there when it is pouring, raining! 

The way You give me life and wash me clean!

But even in the desert You're sustaining! 

Renewing me and leaving me redeemed! 

And Your love, Your love leaves me speechless! 


I give You glory!

I give You glory! Glory!

How I love You! 

I Love You!


Hallelujah! to ya!

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