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Lead Sheet: Until You Get Home

Until You Get Home

Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan 

October 11, 2014


On April 24, 2012, my friend, Stephen,
lost his daughter suddenly. Since that
day I have talked with him a few times
concerning the grief he still feels (and,
indeed, his entire family). Charity Hope
was a brand new mom. She left a
husband and baby boy here on earth.
A beautiful girl, she touched many lives,
but as her dad says, “I know she’s in heaven
but she’s not here with me.” This song came
as I thought about this after seeing Stephen
in Washington, D.C. and hearing him express
his sorrow. Unable to shake that feeling of
unbearable sorrow  from my mind, I felt the
Lord singing over my brother. As a dad, I
would want to know how my child was
doing...and this song is a bit of a glimpse
into the heavenly realm. I asked Stephen
if he would mind me sharing it with you.
He told me to go for it. My prayer is that
it would help someone else in their
mourning process - that it would comfort
someone out there beyond my piano.

Dennis Jernigan


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Jesus

Matthew 5:4 NASB

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