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Lead Sheet: Massive Love For Me

Dennis Jernigan

December 27, 2019


A couple of weeks before Christmas of 2019, I began experiencing some problems with my prostate. After an exam by my urologist, he said he felt abnormalities and highly recommended I get an ultrasound and a biopsy ASAP. We scheduled it for December 20. The procedure took about 20 minutes and left me in a great deal of pain. The more difficult part to endure was the waiting through the Christmas week and spending time with my family without letting the ‘what ifs’ define me. Melinda and I determined that God was in control no matter what the diagnosis would be and we determined that we would not allow these circumstances to dictate our joy during the season. Our focus was solely on Father God, our children, our grandchildren, and one another. God’s grace won the day and we made it through the wonderful week of Christmas with glad hearts and joy. We then returned to the doctor for the results of my biopsy on the 27th of December. His first words? “I have great news. You are cancer free!” That’s all we needed to hear! I came home and, while the children and grandchildren were resting (we had 8 of our 9 children and their spouses with us along with 9 of our 11 grandchildren that Christmas), I stole away to my studio and wrote this song of thanks to my Father. Even though my voice is not where I would like it to be in the healing process, I still was able to express my heart in song. Disregard my weak voice and hear the passion of my gratitude to God. May this song refresh you and embolden you with renewed passion for Christ in the new year!

Dennis Jernigan


And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to [His] purpose. Romans 8:28 NASB




Through the good and bad of life 

You've always been there 

Like a massive healing wave

Your love has covered me


Through the good and bad of life

Your love has been there

Like a massive wave of love

You cover me 



I just want to thank You!

Thank You! Thank You! 

Thank You for Your massive love for me! 


I just want to thank You! 

Thank You! Thank You 

For never letting go of me! 

Thank You for Your massive love for me! 







Wider than the ocean! 

Deeper than the sea!

As far as I can fall Your love can reach! 


Farther than the human eye can see!

Your amazing massive love for me!


Wash away the fear and unbelief!

Like the universe' s immensity!

Your amazing monumental massive love for me!



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