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MP3 Collection: David

Recorded LIVE, July 2, 1999 Edmond, OK

"David was born out a need I saw in the Body of Christ...the need for repentance and the need for people to believe God could handle any sin and adequately deal with it...leaving us clean, renewed, stronger, and more humble in the process. Although the sin portrayed in this recording is David's sin of adultery and the sin of murder, the answer is the same for whatever sin we find ourselves faced with. The bottom line is this:  God knows about our sin regardless of how well we think we hide and He know our sins will find us out. Why do we think we can hide from God or from the truth? The very truth we fear is actually the first step in the process of being set free.  You will know the truth (get honest that you have a need) and the truth will set you free (restore you to intimate relationship with the Redeeming God of Grace through the cleansing blood and resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ).  Although it has taken 16 years to get this recording made, I believe the message is timeless. Listen with your heart and be set free this very day!"

Dennis Jernigan

(Originally released in 2001 by Here To Him Music)


Song List

  1.  Dennis Shares His Heart 1
  2.  David's Dilemma - Temptation
  3.  Bathsheba's Surprise
  4.  Uriah
  5.  David's Lament
  6.  You're That Man
  7.  I Am Cleansed
  8.  The Lord is My Shepherd LIVE
  9.  Dennis Share His Heart 2
  10.  I Am Cleansed Reprise
  11.  Dennis Share His Heart 3
  12.  Lord, Though the World Rejected Me LIVE
  13.  Child, I Will Not Forget You
  14.  Watching Over You LIVE