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MP3 Collection: The Worshiper's Collection Vol. 3

Let It Rain
The criteria for song selection of the recording Let It Rain was that each song was to have at least one reference to water or rain. Dennis Jernigan’s desire was to paint a picture of God’s Living Water and the abundant life found in knowing Him – and that the listener be engulfed in wave upon wave of from the ocean of God’s love for them. During the several months it took to record and produce the project, Dennis and his wife Melinda were expecting their 7th child. The very day this recording was completed Melinda went into labor. Raina Joy was delivered at home…while as if on cue, the pouring rain soaked the ground outside!

Standout songs include the soul-stirring It Was My Sin, the congregationally friendly worship song Wider Than the Ocean, and the thankful Great is Your Faithfulness.

Hidden Gems: Baptize Me, Let It Rain, You Are the River of Life, and Bring Me Clean (duet between Dennis and Melinda). Also, Dennis’ first collaboration with his hero Annie Herring (Legendary Christian trio, 2nd Chapter of Acts) can be heard: You Come Raining.

There's Coming A Day

When the Lord set Dennis Jernigan free, his heart ached for those who were entrapped in the same bondage he had come out of to be able to enjoy and experience that same freedom. It is that heart that permeates this recording. From the outset, the songs  challenge the listener with the truth and reality of God…and the fact that one day – whether we like it or not – we will all have to stand before our Holy God. Jernigan’s desire is that every person who listens would be drawn to give their hearts and lives to Jesus in order to one day hear Him say, “Welcome home, child.”

Standout songs include the popular praise song I Stand Amazed, the exhilarating Worthy of Praise, and the Jernigan hymn Until That Final Day.

Hidden Gems: Jernigan’s favorite song on the recording Here Is My Heart Lord, Cast Your Burden, and the convicting Jesus Live Through Me.

Song List

  1. loading preview
     I Will Trust You
  2. loading preview
     It Was My Sin
  3. loading preview
     I Seek Thee Earnestly
  4. loading preview
     Let It Rain!
  5. loading preview
     You Are Living Water
  6. loading preview
     Rain (Reign) In Me
  7. loading preview
     Let It Rain Reprise
  8. loading preview
     Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus LIR
  9. loading preview
     Baptize Me
  10. loading preview
     Wider Than The Ocean
  11. loading preview
     Bring Me Clean
  12. loading preview
     You Are The River Of Life
  13. loading preview
     Great Is Your Faithfulness
  14. loading preview
     You Come Raining
  15. loading preview
     Grand Reprise
  16. loading preview
  17. loading preview
     There's Coming A Day
  18. loading preview
  19. loading preview
     Sure As There's A Heaven
  20. loading preview
     Holy Is The Lamb
  21. loading preview
     I Stand Amazed
  22. loading preview
     Worthy Of Praise
  23. loading preview
     Cast Your Burden
  24. loading preview
     Here Is My Heart, Lord
  25. loading preview
     Jesus, Live Through Me
  26. loading preview
     Only You
  27. loading preview
     Will You Love Me
  28. loading preview
     Until That Final Day
  29. loading preview
     Rain Song

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