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MP3 Collection: The Worshiper's Collection Vol. 1

Dennis Jernigan and his band recorded this double album in one evening in the 1990's. Once again, several of Jernigan’s songs went on to become used extensively throughout the body of Christ. DJ’s focus for the evening is quite obvious even at first listen: Jesus Christ is Lord. There is power in His blood to cleanse, heal, and save. By virtue of the work of the cross, we belong to Him. This recording is a faith-building, faith-affirming adventure of celebration and intimacy.

Standout songs include the standard Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus, the worshipful Rushing Wind, the majestic Come as a Bridegroom, and of course the declaratory title song I Belong to Jesus.

Hidden Gems: Give Reverence and Honor and Praise, Jesus I Love You, Who Am I, and By the Blood.

A continuation of I Belong to Jesus Vol. 1, this recording takes us even deeper into our declaration of Who God is and of Who we are because of Him! What made this night of worship even more unique is that several songs (titled Spontaneous Song) were born on the spot that very night. In fact, the recordings are just as they happened that night! This volume is celebratory at its onset but ends with great intimacy and proclamation of our love for Almighty God.

Standout songs include the standard The Lord is My Strength, the praise dancer’s medley of O The Glory, With a Shout of Glory, and I Will Celebrate as well as the moving worship songKeeper and Sustainer of My Life.

Hidden Gems: For the Lord is a Righteous God, To Be Loved, When I Get Home.

Song List

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     I Belong To Jesus
  2. loading preview
     Almighty I Surrender
  3. loading preview
     By The Blood
  4. loading preview
     Come As A Bridegroom
  5. loading preview
     Give Reverence And Honor And Praise
  6. loading preview
     I Will Never Be The Same
  7. loading preview
     Jesus, I Love You
  8. loading preview
     Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus
  9. loading preview
     Oh, Clap Your Hands
  10. loading preview
     Rushing Wind
  11. loading preview
     Take Me
  12. loading preview
     The Fruit Of My lips
  13. loading preview
     What Will People Think
  14. loading preview
     Who Am I
  15. loading preview
     The Lord Is My Strength
  16. loading preview
     I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven
  17. loading preview
     O, The Glory/With A Shout Of Glory/I Will Celebrate
  18. loading preview
  19. loading preview
     I Belong To Jesus (Reprise)
  20. loading preview
     When I Get Home
  21. loading preview
     I Long For The Day
  22. loading preview
     Keeper And Sustainer Of My Life
  23. loading preview
     To Be Loved
  24. loading preview
     For The Lord Is A Rigtheous God TWCV1
  25. loading preview
     I Will Still Be With You TWCV1

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