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MP3 Collection: A Mystery of Majesty

During the summer of 1995, the Lord began to stir a message in the heart of Dennis Jernigan. That message? Remind people of the majesty and immensity of God. If God is indeed great, then so is everything about Him. His holiness. His grace. His love. As the music took shape Jernigan’s heart was encouraged to take time to simply think about – meditate upon – the breathtaking grandeur of the nature of God. You will find the songs evoke a very strong message that goes hand in hand with the majesty of God. Jesus Christ is King – a majestic, mighty King – Who does reign and will reign forever. Jernigan also wrote a companion devotional book called A Mystery of Majesty which details not only the stories behind the songs but gives insight into discovering the majesty of God.

Standout songs include the joyful I Like it That Way, the now standard I Will Praise You, the awe-inspiring I Glory in the Wonder, and the praise anthem Crown Him.

Hidden Gems: I Was Created to Love You will remind the listener of our destiny and purpose, You Alone Are King will inspire one to rise to their feet in worship, and The Rhythm of Life will leave one’s heart reeling with joy.

Song List

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     A Mystery of Majesty
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     I Glory In The Wonder
  3. loading preview
     You Alone Are King
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     He Will Reign Forever
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     I Was Created To Love You
  6. loading preview
     I Will Praise You
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     Rhythm Of Life
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     Shout To The Lord
  9. loading preview
     I Like It That Way
  10. loading preview
     Crown Him

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