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Video Bundles: Here In Your Presence

Dennis Jernigan LIVE From San Antonio
With the worship ministry of Community Bible Church


This product contains all of the live songs from Here In Your Presence that were filmed during the recording to watch online! All you need is a browser that has Flash. (If you have used this site you probably already have it!) Below is a list of what you will get and previews of each.

Video List

  1. We Will Overcome
  2. You Reign Over Me
  3. And I Stand In Awe
  4. You Are God
  5. All Hail King Jesus
  6. Here In Your Presence
  7. Come Home
  8. Luke 4:18
  9. Consume Me
  10. I Revel In The Love
  11. Run To The Battle
  12. Jesus Reigns

What's New?

There are also some new products that were created for this live recording. You can read and watch all about them at DJ's new projects website.

About Here In Your Presence

Dennis Jernigan’s first LIVE recording in 8 years, HERE IN YOUR PRESENCE is filled with 12 of Jernigan’s newest worship and ministry songs…but what Dennis is most excited about is the ministry that was captured and recorded for posterity. Jernigan says, “I feel the ministry, not only of the songs, but of what I felt led to share during the worship and ministry time will serve to minister long after I am gone.”

Recorded over a 2-day period as Dennis led worship in the four worship services of Community Bible Church in San Antonio in April of 2010, the 12 songs recorded run the gamut from the joyful, exuberant We Will Overcome to the triumphant, victorious song of spiritual warfare Run to the Battle…and from the majestic choral anthems of proclamation and surrender found in All Hail King Jesus and the title song Here in Your presence to the spiritual challenging songs Luke 4:18 and Consume Me. As is almost always the case, Jernigan included a song from the Father’s perspective that proved to be one of the most compelling moments of the recording. That song, Come Home, is already proving to be a powerful ministry tool to even the lost and separated from Jesus.…and worth the price of the recording in our humble estimation.

Containing 12 songs of worship and ministry, the band, praise singers, choir, video, and technical crew of Community Bible Church went above and beyond the call of duty in all they poured into this recording and its subsequent ministry. Produced by Worship Pastor Ray Jones, assistant Worship Pastor Ron Blount, engineer extraordinaire, Marius Perron, and Dennis Jernigan, Here In Your Presence is a joyful, seamless journey into surrender and intimacy with the Lord from the perspective of the music and ministry of Dennis Jernigan.


All charts, as heard on this recording, are available at

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