How You Can Pray for me Today

Spending time this morning writing daily devotions as I do every Wednesday, praying for the film and book and all involved...and asking the Lord to impact millions for the Kingdom. Please join me in that prayer as the Spirit brings these things to mind today.

Reserve your copy of the book SING OVER ME today at 800-877-0406 or online at if you cannot be at the film premier this Friday evening.

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written by S P G , December 01, 2014

Hello Dennis. Since I watched all your videos in YouTube, my life was never the same again. i have great respect and admiration for your faith and ministry. I chronicled almost all of your life story. I spent all my free time watching what you have done in the past and what you're involved with in the present. _I can't get enough of your music and testimonies. I'm older than you but when I'm watching your videos and looking at your photos, I'm transformed to an adoring child right in your presence. You seemed bigger than life. I can't explain my feelings and emotions. I struggled with same sex attraction as long as I can remember. I know THAT dreadful but familiar feelings started to creep inside me. I'm scared! God please help me. Just a month ago I made a conscious decision to walk away from this homosexual lifestyle because of a life-changing event that made me aware of my own mortality. My Dad whom I blamed primarily for my distorted sexual orientation had been very ill (and evenually passed away) . I wanted to be reconciled with him before he dies but did not happen. But I silently forgave him of all the hurts and pains that he has caused. But I accepted part of the blame because the choice to act on it was mine. Anyway, I really want to establish brotherly Christian relationship with you but my feelings and desires are still sexual. I know the road to freedom is long and oftentimes difficult but I pray for God's grace and deliverance. Dennis please help me and pray for me.

written by Dalton Howell , June 16, 2014

Dennis: I enjoyed hearing your testimony this morning on Daystar. What a special man in God and what a beautiful family. I cried out to God to take me out of the homosexual world in 1981. I had entered the pastorate first hoping that God would take this orientation away from me, but when he did not and I could not take the struggles anymore, I told God, the calling I had responded to was a holy calling and I just could not stay in the church with these struggles any more. I attempted suicide 6 times. The 5th attempt caused me to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and rather than kill myself, I ended up with an armed robbery charge of $1.00 and was sentenced to 20 years to life in a Tennessee prison system. I too had the revelation knowledge that "I was raised from the dead, but I would crawl back to the grave and wrap myself with the stinken grave clothes again. One of the cloths I liked to put on was the one that hid a dark secret..."I had been raped by my dad at age 3". God sent for me a beautiful Christian lady in 1987, that opened a door for more healing. I shared my deliverance from homosexuality, but I would not share about the rape. We were married in 1989. But the hidden secret plagued me. I would return to the grave and put on the cloths hiding the drunkenness of the past. Even though I loved my wife, I asked her to divorce me. I was smothered by the grave clothes of the past. I did not have the support of the church as you did. My realm of brothers and sisters wanted me to keep my testimony quiet, even though I showed them I was an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony. In 2006 while Carolyn and I were separated, my broken heart led my back to the grave and I was arrested for a DUI. I looked in the mirror and told Dalton, I would not protect him anylonger. I was going to tell my story. Carolyn went through the divorce and my heart was broken again. I found a psychologist that walked with me through all the pain and helped me get the grave cloths off of me. In two years. I was finally free. There were many that wanted me to share my entire story. There were others that did not. In 1981, when I was born again and after the armed robbery charge, I was told if I got a good job, I would never go to prison. God opened the door for me to be a prison chaplain while waiting for court. The Judge was not impressed and wanted to use me as an example case. God did a great job in me and for me while I worked as a chaplain. But court day came, the Judge was not impressed and he forced the jury to only consider an armed robbery charge of $1.00. I was whole though...I was free...I was strong...standing on the word of God and continuing to gain more and more freedom each day. I got a call one day from a group in California that wanted to do a movie of my life. But then after a period of months when homosexual's were finding themselves in the news every day, the company decided to not touch my story. I went into a deep depression, was found guilty, and sent to prison for 20 years. I only served three years, getting out of prison in 1987. I started sharing my testimony in parts. I met my beautiful wife in that year. God told me that He had sent Carolyn to me. She was a gift from God. But each day I faced a new battle and I grew weary. I am so glad you were able to share your testimony, write a book and sing. What a beautiful couple. I love you both and will keep you in my prayers. Carolyn divorced me in 2008. We are still great friends and still in love. She has always been supportive of me! I am 66 years old now. I still want to slip into Heaven with a more completed story. Please pray for me. I have a beautiful testimony of God's love, grace, and faithfulness. I am totally free, but what a process. Email me sometime. I hope to get your book and CD. Because of Jesus, Dalton.

written by Andrew Gibson , April 21, 2014


Hello, my name is Andrew Gibson. By His grace and mercy, (and a LOT of breaking through my stubbornness), God filled my heart with His precious Holy Spirit, 25 years ago, and brought me out of the homosexual lifestyle! :') I love the Lord, and I know I fall short, but I also know my heart SINGS for Him, and that there is NO ONE ELSE like Him!!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and to tell you that my heart RADIATES EXTREME PRAISE, if I can put it that way, when I hear Praises to the Lord, and I love your music which often draws me to tears of GREAT THANKFULNESS!!

I don't know you, but I love you, brother! smilies/smiley.gif

You are GREATLY LOVED by Jesus!!

In his love, thankfulness for Him,

Andrew G.

written by Kay C. , April 01, 2014

Don't have time or words but your music has always meant so much to me. I started listening about 20 years ago just because it's good. Now I have a 16 year old son with sexual addition and homosexuality issues. I have found some help with FIrst Stone Ministries. We haven't begun seeing them yet, but looking at the website, I saw your article and I'm reminded of what a blessing you are to so many in sharing God's love and power and care for all of us. I will pray for you as I think of you especially in these days of politics and exponential spiritual warfare. You've made a difference for SO many of us. Thank you.

written by Kathijo , March 01, 2014

When and how can we get a copy of the Audio Book?

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