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A FREE Book for you!

Would you like a book of short daily devotions for the coming year? Would you like devotions that would encourage you to see your life from the Lord's point of view? Devotions to help you discover more of who Father God says you are? How would you like a FREE copy of just such a book? Download your FREE copy of my e-book, Daily Devotions For Kingdom Seekers, Vol.1 at

Please send all your friends to do the same! It really is free!

Drinking At Bible Study Podcast

Here is a podcast I was recently interviewed on concerning renewing my mind:

Remember to pre-order your copy of my new book, Renewing Your Mind: Identity and the Matter of Choice at

Waltzing Matilda Away

The Grandpa Song

Generations is Here!

My new book in The Chronicles of Bren series is here! To get your copy of Generations, go to

Recording Update 5

Droning in Tupelo

DJ Classics Recording Update 3

DJ Classics Recording Update 2