Homosexuality/Sexual Abuse Victim

Hi, My name is Tom and I am born and brought up in India , presently I am working in Saudi-Arabia,I want to share  my problems with you.

When I was small, My father got expired and I didn't got the love of my Father, since after that my mother started working and I was all alone , I was the youngest in my our Family, One day one of my cousin brother abused me, he used me for his sexual purpose and I too got attracted towards it,I started doing it with different persons to satisfy myself but in vain.

I have joined a group through internet through which I came to know about this site, please help me get out of this Bad habit.
with regards,
brother Tom

First, you need to continue to realize that you are not alone in your wounds and struggle. Second, you MUST embrace the fact that ONLY Jesus can set you free – no man can do that. Third, you must REALLY want to be free! If you are saved, have given your life to Him, then His power is present deep within to enable you to make right choices. No one can choose for you – only YOU can choose for YOU. Finally, you need to continue to stay in His Word – the Bible – and walk with other Christians who are REALLY walking with Jesus. You will know them by their fruits, that is, how they live. Without Jesus you have no hope! If you give your life to Him you have Eternal hope! I pray you surrender to the Lord Jesus at the foot of His cross and let His power set you free!

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:6-7 NASB

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written by Samuel Sanchez , April 05, 2009

Hello DJ

I just wanted to say thank you for your love for GOD. I also thank God for people like you, who use your gifts to bring praise, honor, and glory to GOD. I’d like to say thanks for your testimony. I also lived a homosexual life style for about 13 years. GOD has set me free from it, and many other things. I believe that GOD is going to use me in a powerful way to bring praise and honor to him. I feel like he is going to birth a ministry in me that brings hope to the hopeless and sets people free that are bound by homosexuality. About a year ago I was really struggling with where I had been and my Pastor said Theophostic ministry might help. So I did it, and GOD gave me a vision of me speaking in front of those that are bound by homosexuality. I know that is from GOD, because I have a fear of speaking in front of groups of people. I now know that in his presence ALL of my fears are WASHED AWAY. A couple of weeks of go we have about 5 small groups that get together once a quarter. My small group leader asked me to speak at this event. I told her that I really felt like the lord had something he wanted me to share, but it wouldn’t impact but a few people. Last Sunday I had lady come to me and say hello as she’s talking to me tears being to flow down her face. She had been at the small group event and heard my testimony of being bound by the sin of homosexuality. She said that her son lives a gay lifestyle and had given up hope. When she heard me speak it gave her hope once again that GOD can set her son FREE. The number of people GOD is bring into the church I attend that at I know are bound by homosexuality is great. One day I know there were at least 7 out of about 250 people. So that makes me feel like GOD is getting ready to do some great things. I live in Abilene, Texas, and it breaks my heart to know that the local gay community had Ray Boltz in town today for Palm Sunday. It would be great to have someone like you come to town and tell the truth, and GOD doesn’t make us gay. But that GOD can set us FREE. I pray that the Lord bless you and your family.

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