My Redeemer


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written by Heitor , March 21, 2009

Grace and Peace!

Dennis, I praise God for your life!
His songs were exactly what I had saved in my heart to say to God! You were a watershed in my life!
I encourage you my brother to bring this healing to many! Not discouraged, here in Brazil I pray for you consantemente ^! Assistinho always the DVDS of the Congress before the throne, where you shared your testimony and released the cure for thousands!
"The honor that God has for you, is not the honor of men, but the honor of God", you will eat the finest things of the table of the Lord .. you is special in my life Thank you, in so far by I encourage both you and know that you won an intercessor in Brazil!
Thanks again! I hope to contact you ... I have so much to share!
In love of Christ!

From his brother Hector!

I left my email, in case we meet!

"Today, through his life ... This is my fate ...!"

Thank you very much!

written by Angie Queener , March 18, 2009

Very powerful! Loved this so much. I'm so thankful for your ministry!

written by chris7 , March 17, 2009

i just want to say, having never heard the song audibly "it's gonna be alright, child," (and the other one that says "Overwhelm me with Your power!") -- I was greatly encouraged to read the lyrics. It's exactly what I need at this moment, with a particular situation going on in my life. Thanks. And thanks to God also.

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