Song Receiver's Tip of the Week -January 17, 2012

Awaken Your Senses -

Awakening the senses does not mean to do whatever feels good in a given moment. God gave us senses to help us understand the world and the people around us. Our senses were given with pure and holy intentions in mind. Creative people are often attacked in the area of erotic awareness of our senses. There is a place for that. Learn to use your senses in a godly manner. How can we learn to do this? We must learn to see from God’s perspective. When we see a loved one or a coworker, what do we see? What does God see? Learn to see with His eyes. When we hear someone speak, what do we hear? Do we listen beyond the surface and hear the meaning behind the sound, or are we too concerned with our own needs to hear from God’s perspective? We know that children need to be touched. Have you ever been with someone you knew could benefit from your touch? A gentle touch on the arm that says ‘I understand’ or a pat on the back that says ‘Way to go!’ Have you ever wondered what an emotionally needy person might feel to go untouched in life? Learn to taste and see from God’s perspective…and allow the heightened sensitivity to permeate your creativity. -

O taste and see that the LORD is good;

How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

Psalm 34:8 NASB

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written by Jeremy , January 18, 2012

Awesome! thank you.

written by Ramona , January 17, 2012

Very WEll put Dennis!

written by Sinisa , January 17, 2012


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