Song Receiver's Tip of the Week - March 26, 2012

Dream Big...

For years I heard people tell me my songs were too difficult for people to sing. My view was that people were more capable than we give them credit for. Many told me I could not succeed in the music business unless I was in Nashville. My view was that I wanted my family to not need a ministry like mine someday - so I would focus on them and Jesus and not worry about my ministry. Did this lessen my dreams? No way. I continued to dream big even though I chose to teach songs that were more complex than the popular worship choruses. What I found was that people were after deep, meaty music and lyrics which spoke to their deep needs. I continued to dream of making recordings that would reach places around the world. I continued to write music and write books even without a publisher because my dream said that others would need what I had to share. My dreams were often loftier than my human eyes could see a way to! DJ singing at the National Day of Prayer or ministering at the NCAA Final Four? Why not?!...

I have learned that the Lord is the Dream Giver. If I can dream it, He can give the means to getting there! I write as if millions are going to sing my music. I write as if millions are going to be encouraged by the stories of God’s grace and redemption in my life. I not only set goals toward those dreams. I actually begin to walk toward my dreams! I act as if they are really going to happen - even if people think I am crazy! I dream outside the lines. One of my favorite motivators is for people to tell me something can not be done! Them’s fightin’ words to me! Dream big, then walk towards those dreams. God will begin to pour out creativity on your heart and life. As you come face to face with an obstacle to your dreams, God has a way of showing you a new perspective that takes you around, under, over, or right through those very obstacles!...

‘For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.’

Jeremiah 29:11 NASB

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written by Anthony Morano , March 29, 2012

This was very encouraging to me. I have over 200 songs that have come from meeting God in several difficult situations. I can't "force" a ministry, but I suspect God may still have something up His sleeve. I believe my songs carry important encouragement to struggling Christians.

written by Maicon Frasson , March 26, 2012

Caro Dennis... suas palavras falam ao meu coração. Moro no Brasil, e fico feliz em perceber que mesmo longe, Deus fala por meio de sua vida à mim.
Rezo por você, pela sua família e pelo seu ministério.
Aprendo a sonhar grande, uma vez que Deus é doador de sonhos...e que não há sonhos impossíveis de se realizar quando é Deus que os coloca em nosso coração.
Obrigado pelo bonito testemunho de vida cristã.

Maicon Frasson

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