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A Holy GPS

A Holy GPS

And we know that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.
Romans 8:28 KJV

This week has been a blur of sorts. Only one thing has kept me going…and I’ll get to that soon. We finished a most successful Freedom Conference in Tulsa this past weekend and I was so full but oh so exhausted at the same time. I went right from that conference into last-minute preparations to launch the DJinsiders portion of my web site. On Tuesday, the Lord blessed me with a visit from a long-time friend. Even though he came for advise and fellowship, it was like a breath of fresh air for me just to be with one I can absolutely be myself with. Having ‘inner circle’ friends is a Jesus thing. He had 12. I do well to maintain the 7 I have! As he sought my counsel I felt very inadequate to meet his needs except to always point back to the Kingdom point of view. As we talked, I brought up how my GPS in my truck helps keep me on track…which got us started talking even more about the Kingdom point of view and then led us right into a time of deep prayer for one another. My new meaning for the acronym GPS is now God’s Point of Sight! After my buddy left Thursday morning, Melinda and I spent most of Thursday ministering to a couple concerning their marriage. Again, I felt somewhat inadequate so I defaulted to my new mantra. What’s God’s perspective or point of view in this situation? By the end of the day all parties were feeling hopeful, encouraged, and renewed. As I have thought about GPS – God’s Point of Sight – I have purposed to see as much of my life as possible from His point of view rather than my own. From there I can see how God has blessed our nation with its first African American president and brought so much healing to that segment of our society. From there I can see that we voted in an earthly messiah figure because the church has been more concerned with a moral kingdom than showing the true King/Messiah to the world around us. From God’s Point of Sight I can see that even if I do not agree with the social changes that may or may not be coming our way, God placed our new president in that position so there must be a way for me to shine the light of love in the midst of such a time as this. From GPS there has never been a better time to be alive and never a better time to share what I found as right now. Even in all the upheaval around us, God is in control. His perspective – GPS – has kept me going. Could it be that we stay on the right path if we listen to GPS? I see no better way to live than from His point of view. Let’s usher in the Kingdom by seeking the King and living life from HIS perspective.